How Much Does BOTOX® Cost for the Forehead and Crow’s Feet?

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When our body produces less collagen and elastin, the skin can become thinner—and eventually, wrinkles may form on the face. One of the things patients who are having wrinkle-tightening treatments for the first time will often ask us is, “How much will BOTOX® cost in the Tucson area for the forehead, crow’s feet, and other areas?” Our Ironwood Dermatology team can explain more about the pricing for these botulinum toxin treatments at a personalized consultation. If you have been searching for things like, “Cost of BOTOX® injections,” “BOTOX® Cosmetic Cost,” or “BOTOX® Treatment Cost,” see below for more advice on BOTOX® cost details.

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BOTOX® for Wrinkles Cost: What is the Cost of BOTOX® for Forehead or Crow’s Feet Wrinkles?

Curious about how much BOTOX® for forehead wrinkles costs? Forehead BOTOX® prices or other face BOTOX® prices will vary depending on which area of the face you’re having the injections. The cost of these injections varies depending on whether you pay per area or per unit. It will also vary depending on the look you’re hoping to achieve. Muscle strength and the anatomical features of each patient should also be taken into consideration. If you only need a small amount of BOTOX®, it may be slightly cheaper. Usually, a crow’s feet BOTOX® treatment will require 10 to 25 units on either side, while 20 to 30 units will be needed to relax the forehead and 20 to 25 units for the glabellar area.

Face BOTOX® Cost: What Can BOTOX® Treat?

Is the cost of BOTOX® worth it? Patients who are seeking information on BOTOX® prices will often look up things like “BOTOX® forehead cost,” “BOTOX® for sweating cost,” “jaw BOTOX® cost,” or “preventative BOTOX® cost.” BOTOX® has a variety of benefits for many areas of the face and body, including:

  • Underarm BOTOX® to help control symptoms of hyperhidrosis.
  • BOTOX® for migraines as a treatment for chronic migraines.
  • BOTOX® brow lift to give the eyes a more “open” or alert and rested appearance by lifting the brows.
  • BOTOX® for marionette lines to soften wrinkles that form between the corners of the lips and the chin.
  • Face Slimming BOTOX® to reduce the size of enlarged muscles to slim the face.
  • Masseter Botox® or BOTOX for TMJ to make the jawline look slimmer.
  • Trapezius BOTOX® to give the shoulders and neck a slimmer appearance.
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BOTOX® Cost: Which Other Aesthetic Procedures Are Available?

Have you been searching for “BOTOX® cost,” “Same day BOTOX®” or “BOTOX® near me” for reducing wrinkles or enhancing other facial areas? Wondering how the prices of BOTOX® and fillers compare? Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers such as the Juvederm® collection are another popular approach for addressing common signs of aging. We can tell you more about how the price of BOTOX® will compare to the cost of fillers and other facial rejuvenation options.

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