VOLUMA® XC in Tucson, AZ

Address Facial Volume Loss Quickly and Efficiently with a Nonsurgical Treatment

Treatment For

The loss of volume in the cheeks that can create a sunken effect.

While many women and men recognize the role that wrinkles play in the aging process, volume loss is another challenge that can age the face. Specifically, the loss of volume in the cheeks can create a sunken effect. Just as there are injectable treatments to address wrinkles and lines, there is also an injectable treatment to address facial volume loss: VOLUMA® XC. Tucson women and men battling facial volume loss endure the added challenge of frequent and extreme exposure to the sun, which produces UVA and UVB rays that damage collagen and elastin in the skin, aging the skin.

However, VOLUMA® XC contains hyaluronic acid, which is one of the substances the body naturally produces to help the skin maintain its youthful elasticity. Treatment can be accomplished in the amount of time it takes to eat lunch, and patients experience no downtime and minimal interference with normal routines.

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Am I a Good Candidate for VOLUMA® XC in Tucson?

Women and men over the age of 21 who are experiencing age-related volume loss in their cheeks and want to reclaim their youthful, healthy shape can likely benefit from VOLUMA® XC. Ideally, patients should be in good overall health with realistic expectations for what their treatment can accomplish. Patients who are allergic to lidocaine, or pregnant or breastfeeding, are not the best candidates, but the best method of determining whether a VOLUMA® XC session is right for you is to schedule a consultation with our highly trained cosmetic injector who can assess the health of your skin and determine which treatment options, if any, would provide the most positive impact.

What Can I Expect During a VOLUMA® XC Treatment in Tucson, AZ?

A typical VOLUMA® XC appointment lasts about half an hour, although the treatment itself takes just 10 minutes. We begin the process by cleaning and examining the treatment area. The number of injections during each appointment varies by patient, but typically we will administer two or more injections. The VOLUMA® XC product contains lidocaine, which is a local anesthetic to help reduce any pain or discomfort during the process.

There is no significant downtime following a VOLUMA® XC treatment. However, patients may experience swelling, tenderness, and bruising at the injection sites. Swelling can be reduced with an ice pack. Patients can help reduce these symptoms by avoiding vigorous exercise and exposure to heat or sun in the first 24 hours following treatment.

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*Result may vary from person to person

The positive results should be immediately visible following treatment, although the full results might not be visible until swelling and redness have diminished, which can take a couple of days or weeks. Many VOLUMA® XC patients choose to receive a touch-up treatment one month after their first appointment to maximize their results. While treatment results are not permanent, they typically last up to two years, after which patients may require additional appointments to maintain volume.

VOLUMA® XC Cost in Tucson, AZ

The costs of VOLUMA® XC treatment vary depending on the amount required to fill in treatment areas. Following the consultation, we provide patients with information related to what they can expect based on their treatment plan, including an outline of the cost of treatment. Other variables include whether a patient is satisfied after a single session or requires a touch-up. Insurance companies do not cover the cost of aesthetic procedures. While cost is important and should be a factor in developing a treatment plan, pursuing treatment with licensed, experienced, and trained cosmetic injectors is vital to obtaining the best results in a safe environment.

More Than VOLUMA® XC

VOLUMA® XC comes from a family of fillers that also includes JUVEDERM® XC and VOLBELLA® XC. Talk to our cosmetic injector to discover which treatment or combination of treatments would best work for you.

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