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Focusing on lines around the mouth and achieving fuller lips.

Many women and men are familiar with the benefits of JUVEDERM® as a filler, but one of the newest products in the line focuses on a very specific part of the face: the lips and mouth. Volbella® helps Tucson and Oro Valley patients interested in reducing lines around the mouth and generating natural-looking, subtle fullness of the lips, creating an overall appearance of youth.

Results from treatment can last up to one year, making it one of the longest-lasting dermal fillers available. Given that Volbella® received FDA approval as an effective lip augmentation product in mid-2016, this treatment is a contemporary option available for women and men interested in achieving shapely, younger-looking lips.

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Am I a Good Candidate for Volbella® in Tucson and Oro Valley?

Women and men who are interested in obtaining subtly fuller lips and smoothing out lines around the mouth can schedule a consultation to determine whether Volbella® is the ideal treatment for them. Women who are pregnant or nursing, or anyone who is allergic to the anesthetic lidocaine is not a good candidate, but can still schedule a consultation to discuss alternative treatments. During your VOLBELLA® XC consultation at Ironwood Dermatology, an injector will discuss your medical history and help develop the ideal treatment plan to address your unique concerns and goals.

Volbella<sup>®</sup> from Tucson's Ironwood Dermatology can address a range of lip issues.
Whether your lips have changed over time or have always appeared thin, disproportionate, or undefined, Volbella® at Tucson's Ironwood Dermatology can help. The dermal filler subtly shapes by adding volume to improve fullness, proportion, and definition.

What Does VOLBELLA® XC Address?

The mouth is one of the most active parts of the face, and it draws a good deal of attention as people use it to talk, smile, eat, kiss, and more! Given its starring role in a person's appearance, it also tends to stand out when age-related changes begin to appear. A healthy, youthful mouth is typically marked by full, pliant lips and is surrounded by smooth skin.

Much of the volume that gives lips a full, soft look is thanks to collagen, with hyaluronic acid playing a significant role in retaining moisture. These elements also keep the surrounding skin free from lines. Time, however, causes both of these important molecules to begin breaking down faster than the body can replenish them—a process that typically begins once a person is in their 20s. That shift gradually leads to a loss of structure, volume, and hydration in the lips, which leads to their thinning. The surrounding skin can also dry out and loosen, causing wrinkles to form.

The look of a person's lips has a lot to do with genetics, as well, so some people find that their lips are simply naturally thin.

VOLBELLA® XC injections can help with any of these issues by introducing volume into the lips and surrounding tissue. This can make the lips appear fuller and softer. It can also smooth out the wrinkled skin for a more youthful appearance. Though collagen is an important element in facial beauty, VOLBELLA® XC injections do not contain the protein itself. The filler itself serves as the physical volume, with hyaluronic acid molecules finding a home in the existing collagen framework and binding to water molecules there.

What Can I Expect During a Volbella® XC Treatment in Tucson and Oro Valley, AZ?

A typical session lasts around than an hour and begins with an examination of the treatment area to ensure that VOLBELLA® XC is, in fact, the best course of treatment.

During your treatment, our licensed provider utilizes a very fine needle to inject the gel into the areas being treated, which usually includes the skin around the lips. VOLBELLA® XC contains lidocaine (that is what the "XC" in the name indicates), which is a numbing agent that helps minimize patient discomfort during the procedure. A topical anesthetic is also used prior to the VOLBELLA® XC treatment for added comfort. The exact number of injections required during a single session depends on the patient's specific needs, but the licensed injector will explain each step of the process prior to treatment, ensuring that the patient understands the process and is comfortable. The positive results of VOLBELLA® XC will start to be visible right away, allowing patients to enjoy the younger-looking effect of subtly fuller lips and fewer wrinkles.

Following treatment, patients may experience mild bruising and swelling. Our licensed injector will provide detailed aftercare instructions, including avoiding direct sun exposure, as well as certain painkillers that can increase the likelihood of bruising and bleeding. VOLBELLA® XC side effects are typically mild and include bruising and redness at the injection site for upward of one week following treatment.

Patients can typically see results lasting around six months, with some lasting up to one year, with the added volume slowly vanishing over time. New VOLBELLA® XC injections can replenish this volume once again. Talk to the Ironwood Dermatology team about scheduling ongoing maintenance treatments.

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VOLBELLA® XC Cost in Tucson and Oro Valley, AZ

Dermal fillers are among the least expensive cosmetic treatments, although the exact costs vary depending on the number of injections required. Following the consultation, we will provide an estimate of costs based on your unique treatment plan. Because the effects can last for up to a year, VOLBELLA® XC is among the most cost-efficient cosmetic treatment options.


Other available dermal fillers from the same line include JUVEDERM® XC for facial lines and VOLUMA®XC to add volume to the apple of the cheek. These skin treatments can be combined for results that reveal an overall rejuvenating effect. Like VOLBELLA® XC, they are made with a hyaluronic acid base and contain a small amount of lidocaine.

Though VOLBELLA® XC is ideal for treating lip lines, wrinkles that form due to constant motion on other areas of the face—such as forehead lines and crow's feet—require a different solution. BOTOX® Cosmetic is an injectable that works to prevent muscle contractions in high-motion areas, preventing the appearance of lines that appear when brows are furrowed or related expressions are made.

Some patients prefer to schedule complementary procedures such as laser hair removal or microdermabrasion with their VOLBELLA® XC treatment. Addressing multiple signs of aging or other unwanted cosmetic issues can make for a dramatic change.

Given the fact that each treatment has its own protocols and expected duration, it is important for anyone considering multiple skin care strategies to arrange a personalized consultation to discuss long-term goals and a maintenance plan. The effects of one treatment may fade after several months, with another yielding results that last years. Working with an experienced dermatologist is critical for the creation of an ongoing series of treatments that will generate a desired look for years to come.

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