How Can You Benefit from Masseter BOTOX®?

Treat Teeth Grinding or Clenching with Injectables in Tucson and Oro Valley

A defined, well-proportioned jaw and chin are essential for facial harmony. By making even subtle changes to the jawline with cosmetic treatments, you can transform your overall facial appearance significantly. Masseter BOTOX® at the Tucson area’s Ironwood Dermatology—also known as masseter muscle BOTOX® or jawline BOTOX®—is an injectable botulinum toxin treatment that can slim the jawline or improve the balance of facial proportions.

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How Does Jawline or Masseter BOTOX® Work?

The masseter muscle–a rectangular shaped muscle located in the jaw area–is one of the main muscles involved in chewing. The main function of this muscle is to elevate the jawbone, bringing the teeth together in a chewing motion. When the masseter muscle is overactive due to repeatedly clenching or grinding the jaw, it can grow larger over time and lead to a bulky or heavy jaw area. For some people, this can cause a “square” jaw.

The benefits of BOTOX® go beyond simply reducing wrinkles in the upper face. Masseter BOTOX® works by reducing overly prominent masseter muscles that are responsible for excessive clenching. BOTOX® on the masseter muscle relaxes the muscle and makes it difficult for it to contract, thereby reducing jaw pain. By relaxing the muscle, jawline BOTOX® will cause it to eventually decrease in size so it shrinks and thins out.

What Does Jawline BOTOX® Address?

There are many functional and aesthetic benefits associated with masseter BOTOX®. For example, masseter BOTOX® for TMJ is highly effective. This treatment is commonly used for temporomandibular disorders such as TMJ disorders and bruxism (grinding or clenching of the teeth that can result in jaw pain, headaches, tightness, and other symptoms). It protects your teeth from chipping and cracking. Aside from providing relief for the symptoms of teeth grinding, masseter BOTOX® also can be a type of face slimming BOTOX®. It helps to slim the jawline for patients who are bothered by a widening jaw, creating a narrower and tapered lower face, and preserves the appearance of the teeth.

Masseter BOTOX® and Jowls: Will Sagging Occur?

When injected properly on the right candidate, there’s no evidence that sagging from masseter BOTOX® or jowls will occur on the lower face.

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What Else Is Available Aside from Jaw BOTOX®?

BOTOX® has a variety of other medical and cosmetic uses, including underarm BOTOX® to reduce excessive sweating, BOTOX® for migraines to treat chronic migraines, BOTOX® brow lift to provide a slight lift to drooping eyebrows, BOTOX® for marionette lines to minimize wrinkles on the lower face area, trapezius BOTOX® for a thinner, more elongated neck, and much more.

Which Procedures Complement Jaw or Masseter BOTOX®?

Looking for, “Masseter BOTOX® cost,” “Same day BOTOX®,” or “Masseter BOTOX® near me” to relieve pain or sculpt your jawline? Masseter BOTOX® can be ideal for relaxing an overactive masseter muscle that is larger than normal. However, dermal fillers, are also used to improve the shape and appearance of the jaw area. Fillers add volume or fullness to enhance the jaw by giving it a more structured or defined appearance, provide a subtle lift to the mid-face, or reducing wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid-based fillers such as Juvederm® and Voluma® can enhance the jaw and cheek area.

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