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Ironwood Dermatology is offering a select number of patients the opportunity to participate in one of its personalized Concierge Service plans. As a Concierge Service participant, you will go through a consultation process that will tailor a plan for your needs. These plans can be composed of laser treatments, CoolSculpting treatments, CO2 treatments, Botox, dermal filler, laser hair removal and skin care products.

1. Eligibility. To be eligible for any Service, (a) you must have been seen by an Ironwood Dermatology physician within the twelve-month period preceding the Service, (b) the Service must be appropriate for you at the discretion of your Ironwood Dermatology physician, and (c) your billings for any services outside this Agreement must be current

2 .Price. The pre-paid cost for these Services is for a twelve-month period. Because each patients’ needs are so unique the price will be determined on what your needs are. This will be done at time of consult. This must be payable concurrent with your signing an Agreement. Your twelve-month period will commence upon the later of (a) receipt of your payment, or (b) acceptance of this Agreement by Ironwood Dermatology.

3. Discount. In addition to the Services, you will receive a twenty percent (20%) discount on all products purchased from Ironwood Dermatology.

4. Scheduling Services. Generally, to schedule an appointment for a Service, call 520-618-1630. Ironwood Dermatology will use its best efforts to provide at least a 30-minute appointment within 48 business hours of your request. You will receive an email notification of the Service provider’s planned vacations to assist you with your scheduling. Appointments will not be available on Saturdays, Sundays or legal holidays, office holidays or during the Service provider’s scheduled vacations, and will be rescheduled in the event of the Service provider’s illness or unanticipated absence. In the event of Service provider’s scheduled vacation, Ironwood Dermatology will attempt to notify and reschedule concierge participants with scheduled appointments two (2) weeks prior.

5. Additional Services. If you request additional aesthetic products or services beyond the type or number provided pursuant to this Agreement, you will be charged additionally for such products or services, but will receive a 20% discount on additional aesthetic products or services.

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