Eczema and Other Rashes in Tucson, AZ

Treatments Offer Relief for Dry Skin

More than 10 percent of Americans suffer from a dry, itchy, inflammatory skin condition called eczema. Although there are several types of eczema, the most common type is a hereditary form known as atopic dermatitis. However, Tucson residents are particularly prone to xerotic (or dry skin) eczema secondary to the arid desert climate.

The genetic form of the condition is most commonly seen in children, although the condition can affect people at any age. For some patients, the condition is relatively mild and skin is variably dry, itchy, and red. For severe cases, the skin may bleed and crust, resulting in physical pain, infection, sleep disturbance and embarrassment. There are steps patients can take to help avoid flare-ups, including moisturizing skin, wearing soft fabrics, and avoiding other triggers for itching. Our dermatologists can provide more detailed instructions for eczema treatment, as well as relief in the form of topical steroids, ultraviolet light therapy, antihistamines, and other oral medications.

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More Rashes

There are a number of different types of skin rashes. The best method of identifying and treating a skin rash is to come in and see one of our providers so that we can identify what type you may have. One of the most common skin rashes is contact dermatitis, which is characterized by redness, swelling, itching, and scaling caused by an allergic substance that makes direct contact with the skin. The condition can develop at any age, although the facial version of the disorder is most often seen in young and middle-aged adults.

Treatment of skin rashes varies depending on the type of rash, but topical medications and antibiotics are frequently utilized to eliminate a skin rash. Because of the wide variety and causes of skin rashes, seeking treatment from one of our highly trained providers is the best method of effectively treating the condition.

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