Dermaplaning in Tucson, AZ

Heal Your Skin With a Fast, Nonsurgical Procedure

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Removal of damaged skin cells to achieve healthier tone and texture.

Over the course of a lifetime, skin endures a lot of abuse, including sun damage and exposure to dirt and harsh substances. There is a nonsurgical treatment to remove damaged skin cells, thereby encouraging skin to regenerate and heal: dermaplaning. Tucson women and men interested in achieving a healthier skin tone and texture can achieve their goal by having a trained and licensed cosmetic professional exfoliate the skin by gently removing the outermost layers, along with dead skin cells and dirt.

Patients can return to work or home immediately following their appointment, which typically takes less than half an hour. The results are immediate. For patients interested in complementary procedures, dermaplaning pairs beautifully with a chemical peel as the clean, refreshed skin is more receptive to the chemicals utilized in the peel.

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