Meet Dr. Carlos Rodriguez

Clinical Dermatologist, Mohs Surgeon, and Dermatopathologist

Dr. Carlos Rodriguez is a native of Chicago, IL, and earned both his undergraduate and medical degrees from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He completed a residency in dermatology at Cook County Hospital, as well as a dermatopathology fellowship at the prestigious University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. He has been in private practice in Arizona since 2010.

Meet Dr. Carlos Rodriguez

Dr. Rodriguez divides his time between micrographic dermatologic (Mohs) surgery, and microscopic analysis of skin biopsies (dermatopathology). Mohs surgery combines the excision of malignant skin tumors with pathologic examination done in real-time. Dermatopathology is a subspecialty of dermatology and anatomic pathology that focuses on the diagnosis of skin diseases at the cellular level. Dr. Rodriguez has completed extensive formal training in the histologic interpretation of cutaneous specimens, and he is triple board certified in dermatology, dermatopathology and Mohs surgery by both the American Boards of Dermatology and Pathology.

During his time away from the clinic and microscope, Dr. Rodriguez is an avid reader and martial artist. He has taught and competed in the sport of Brazilian jiu-jitsu for nearly three decades. Dr. Rodriguez is fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

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