Eyelash Growth with Latisse® in Tucson, AZ

Thicken and Lengthen Eyelashes with a Prescription Medication

While many people lament that they lack long, thick eyelashes, they might not realize how common this complaint is—so common, in fact, that there's a term for it: hypotrichosis. There also happens to be a solution to help stimulate eyelash growth. Tucson patients can obtain a prescription for Latisse® from a licensed dermatologist.

life cycle of the facial

Patients interested in stimulating eyelash growth apply Latisse® to the upper eyelashes once per day to achieve longer, fuller eyelashes in eight weeks, with the full positive effects within 12 to 16 weeks of starting daily treatment. When patients cease Latisse® treatment, eyelashes return to their former thickness.

Experts believe that Latisse® stimulates growth by increasing the anagen phase, or active growing phase, of the eyelashes and increasing the number of lashes, or hairs, impacted by this growth phase.

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