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PicoSure® at Our Tucson Practice Reduces the Appearance of Unwanted Ink

Treatment For

Pigmented lesion, scar, and tattoo removal, as well as overall skin rejuvenation.

PicoSure® from Cynosure is one of the newest, Pico Second lasers that uses an ultra-short picosecond pulse duration to break up pigment in the skin, making it particularly well suited for tattoo removal and we have it here at our Tucson, AZ, practice. If you want the newest technology in tattoo removal the Pico Second laser is it. This laser is for anyone that wants to get rid of tattoo ink in for any reason. Be it order to project a new image, remove a tattoo you now regret, or for the person that just wants to lighten an image so that you can create a smaller, less dramatic cover-up, this is the laser for you.

Every patient—every tattoo— and the ink itself are all different, and because of these diffrences the treatment times will also be different. After exploring the various tattoo removal options available, the Ironwood Dermatology team has determined that PicoSure® offers superior results.

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PicoSure laser tattoo removal at our Tucson, AZ, practice works more quickly, efficiently, and effectively than most other lasers on the market. PicoSure laser tattoo removal at our Tucson, AZ, practice works more quickly, efficiently, and effectively than most other lasers on the market.
Tattoos are created by injecting ink into the dermis layer of the skin. While the body tries to flush out the ink, the process can take several years due to the size of the particles – this is why most tattoos can take a very long time to fade. However, PicoSure is one of the latest innovations on the laser tattoo removal market. At our Tucson, AZ, practice, we use this picosecond pulse laser as it can break down tattoo ink to a much greater extent than nanosecond/Q-switched lasers, allowing the body to flush out the particles more quickly and efficiently - resulting in more effective tattoo removal.

The Picosecond Difference in Tattoo Removal

Nanosecond or "Q-Switch" lasers have long been considered the standard of care for tattoo removal. Such lasers relied mainly on photothermal action, or the combination of light and heat, to target and disrupt pigment to fade away tattoos and other discolorations in the skin.

Over several treatment sessions, nanosecond pulse lasers would break down the "rocks" of ink in the skin into smaller "pebbles"—but there were limits to the extent the ink could be broken down, so significantly clear tattoo removal was often not possible. Also, the heat energy generated contributed to less-than-comfortable tattoo removal sessions.

As is the nature of technology, nanosecond pulse lasers have given way to picosecond pulse ones. A "picosecond" is a smaller fraction of time than a "nanosecond," which means each light pulse travels to a target area at a much faster rate.

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The PicoSure® laser's ultra-short pulse duration generates a patented photomechanical effect known as PressureWave, which results in better clearance of tattoo ink: The "rocks" are broken down into "sand"—much tinier particles the body can more easily process. The laser's precision minimizes the resultant heat energy or injury to surrounding skin.

The increased speed of PicoSure® also reduces the duration of each tattoo removal treatment session, as well as the total number of sessions required to achieve significant tattoo removal. It can also be used on the shadows of tattoos only partially cleared off by older nanosecond lasers, as well as on stubborn ink colors such as blues and greens.

Other Uses for the PicoSure® Device

Tattoo removal is not the only benefit the PicoSure® laser offers. Because it can break up pigment besides tattoo ink and it offers dual wavelength options, our dermatologists can use the laser for skin rejuvenation and facial resurfacing, with results comparable to other non-ablative or ablative lasers, but without the added prep time, discomfort, or recovery.

All of these features make PicoSure® an effective method to treat fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation as a result of melasma, cumulative sun exposure, and age. It is also well suited for revision of scars from acne or other causes. Overall pore size, texture, and tone of treated skin can also show improvements.

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