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Healthy skin by breaking down old scar tissue.

The best ally in the battle to achieve clear, healthy skin is often the skin itself. Microneedling in Tucson is a simple procedure during which a cosmetic professional goes over the skin with an electric needling device that breaks down old scar tissue. The device creates miniscule channels, prompting the skin to create new elastin and collagen in the process of healing itself. In addition to reducing scars, microneedling helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and overall skin texture and tone.

Results from this procedure take up to four weeks to fully materialize, but the increased collagen production lasts for several years, making this among the longest-lasting cosmetic treatments to benefit the skin. While the treated skin might be inflamed for the first two to three days following the appointment, there are no serious side effects, and patients can immediately resume their usual routine.

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