Laser Vein Treatment in Tucson, AZ

Eliminate Unsightly Varicose Veins with Noninvasive Treatment

Treatment For

Creating scar tissue to close and reduce visibility of veins.

Spider veins can be a common, though not pleasant, side effect of aging. People who spend a lot of time standing or sitting still are more prone to the formation of spider veins, and they are more common in women than men. There are various causes of spider veins which can be treated rather easily with a noninvasive and highly effective method: laser vein treatment. Tucson medical professionals utilize modern laser technology to deliver focused beams of light that cause the formation of scar tissue, which closes the vein.

Typically, laser vein treatment patients require more than one session to achieve the best possible results with appointments scheduled eight to 12 weeks apart. Ironwood Dermatology also uses lasers for hair removal and skin resurfacing.

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