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New Service!!!!

Concierge Service Plan. Ironwood Dermatology is offering a select number of its patients the opportunity to participate in its Concierge Service plan. As a Concierge Service participant, you will be eligible for the following services:

  • Annual Skin Cancer Screening Exam (1 per year)
  • Cosmetic Consultation (1 per year)
  • Personalized Skin Rejuvenation Program
  • Botox Cosmetic® (up to 224 units per year)
  • Radiesse® (up to 8 syringes per year)
  • Juvederm® (up to 3 syringes per year)
  • Leg Spider Vein Treatment (up to 3 sessions per year)
  • VBeam Laser Treatments Vessels and Brown Spots
    • up to 5 Total Cheeks and Nose per year
    • up to 5 Total Neck and Chest per year
    • up to 2 Total Hands and Arms per year
  • LightSheer Hair Laser Treatments
    • up to 8 each Underarms, Bikini and Legs per year
  • Glycolic, Salicylic, or Jessner’s Peels (up to 12 per year)
  • Obagi Blue or TCA Peels (up to 2 per year)

Eligibility. To be eligible for any Service, you must have been seen by an Ironwood Dermatology physician within the twelve month period preceding the Service.

Price. The pre-paid cost for these Services for a twelve-month period is $10,000, payable concurrent with your signing this Agreement.

Discount. In addition to the Services, you will receive a ten percent (10%) discount on all products purchased from Ironwood Dermatology.

Scheduling Services. Ironwood Dermatology will use its best efforts to provide an appointment within 48 business hours of your request.

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